You can join the members area for FREE and access blogs and updates from my diary that I post every week/month. There is also an “All Access Pass” option for fans that would like to access more videos in my secret Facebook Group and more exclusive updates or behind the scenes info on my blog every week/month.

But more on that in a minute.

Why the Members Area? I decided to create this “Members Area” to reduce the amount of time I spend on social media, while applying my time and effort in a way that will help me pay some bills. I also believe this area will help create a positive space in which other like-minded people can interact and benefit from ideas, thoughts and a more meaningful discussion in general. It also takes a lot of time to respond to messages/comments so I will be spending most of my time responding to comments, questions and requests from members of my new All Access Group.

And about the All Access Pass: While I want to share my stories etc because I love the process, to make this sustainable, I also need to apply my time/effort in a way that helps me pay some bills, while not frustrating or annoying my followers. After all, I am a “working adventurer”. For this reason I set up the All Access Pass which includes access to a secret Facebook group in which I interact as much as possible with members and post more personal updates/exclusives from what I do for a living. This way, I hope there is a meaningful exchange of value that will also help support me as a working adventurer. The All Access Pass is available as soon as you register for the members area and I will email these members a link to the secret FB group soon after sign up. Thank you for reading and helping support my work.

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