Cycling Across Africa

In 2013, Derek Cullen spent one year riding a bicycle through Africa, a journey of 8,000 miles through 11 countries. Following this adventure, he became fascinated with “slow travel” and the perspective that comes with exploring the world in such an old fashioned way.

The Pacific Crest Trail

In 2018, Derek spend six months trekking 2,652 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. This was by far his most challenging long distance adventure and studies show that just one in five hikers manage to finish the trail each year. Aside from the spectacular scenery in every direction, Derek encountered many bears and rattlesnakes in particular.

Camino de Santiago

In 2019, Derek walked 700km from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago on the Camino Frances. This was a very different experience to his previous trips but just as enjoyable with meeting the people being the most interesting aspect of the adventure.

Walking Around Ireland

In 2019, Derek walked more than 3,000km around Ireland. Starting in Dublin, he walked south into the Wicklow mountains and then onward toward Cork City before turning north into Kerry, Clare and Galway. After reaching Donegal in the north, Derek walked the Antrim coastline in Northern Ireland before returning to his Dublin five months after leaving his hometown. As part of this journey, Derek mostly slept in farms, mountains and national parks with his tent. It was also the most enjoyable adventure and one that convinced him to stay in Ireland indefinitely.


Derek is giving free talks for one year to clubs and groups in Ireland.

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