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Why I Decided to Hike the Ireland Way

by Derek Cullen

It’s more than one year since I finished my walk around Ireland. I was surprised by how much adventure/excitement I found on that trip and the many reasons for it being more “enjoyable” than my other one distance trips:

-There were no immediate dangers (no bears, no lion, no desert crossings).

-I encountered so much beauty “in between” the known places of interest.

-Walking and camping my way around Ireland brought a great sense of freedom.

-I felt more “connected” to the land than on my trips in America, Africa etc.

-It challenged the way I think about adventure.

-It made me want to stay in Ireland after 12 years of travelling/living abroad.

And these last two were quite important.

That trip challenged the way I thought about adventure. That is to say, it’s easy to associate adventure (trips) with far away places but I found the very same sense of excitement during my walk around Ireland. This was an interesting discovery as it meant that adventure was much more attainable and affordable. It also prompted me to stay in Ireland and think about another long distance trip on which I could recreate a similar experience elsewhere in Ireland.

With this in mind, I will be walking right down the middle of the country for my next long distance walk. As part of this hike, I will follow The Ireland Way which links up a numbers of long distance trails between the Giants Causeway in Antrim and the Beara Peninsula in County Cork. It will take approximately one month to walk 1,000km on this route.

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Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly February 3, 2021 - 9:12 pm

Great news, looking forward to some the videos & comments on this. I really enjoyed the walking around Ireland videos.

Derek Cullen
Derek Cullen February 4, 2021 - 2:15 pm

Cheers Graham. That was by far my favourite trip (the walk around Ireland) and I think that i might even enjoy the next one even more! Appreciate your support 😉

Amy Louise Hallett
Amy Louise Hallett February 4, 2021 - 7:32 pm

Just wanted to say looking forward to your next walk updates! And loving this new area, as I too don’t like spending too much time on social media, but thoroughly enjoy your video’s & posts. I have learnt so much from having a coffee outside to watching the stars outdoors on Xmas Eve, truly magical. (Things I would have never thought about doing.) So thank you Derek, keep up the good work! And it is wonderful to see you looking so well and happy!

Derek Cullen
Derek Cullen February 4, 2021 - 8:33 pm

Hi Amy Louise! Thanks so much and great to hear about you taking the coffee outside!! It’s my pleasure and I’m looking forward to building upon this new space so that others will hopefully have somewhere to come – even if they too just want time away from Social media :p

Padraig Martin
Padraig Martin February 5, 2021 - 2:00 am

You might decide Beara is even better than Malin Head 😜

Derek Cullen
Derek Cullen February 5, 2021 - 11:35 am

Outdoor Paidi! haha you never know, I’ve heard a bit about Beara and it looks quite remote in the photos. The perfect place to end the walk either way 🙂 Cheers !

Niels Janse
Niels Janse February 5, 2021 - 6:59 pm

wow, that looks like an awesome combination of walkways to walk right through Ireland; would love to do that sometime… (well who knows, i might… dreams are to be created and fulfilled someday before our lives are done).
wishing you a most magnificient time and lots of adventures and amazing encounters with people along the way!

Derek Cullen
Derek Cullen February 5, 2021 - 7:08 pm

Thanks a lot Niels. Yes exactly, the “Ireland Way” is a collection of linked trails. There is some road to walk in places but lots of nature in between. Thanks a lot and hope you enjoy the blog 🙂


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