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Some Interesting Things That I Might Not Have Told You About Me

by Derek Cullen

I thought it might be worth sharing a few things about me that you might not know. I’ll try to keep this relevant and as adventure-related (and as interesting) as possible. Let’s see where it goes. Every week, I will add a new item to this list so remember to drop back every Tuesday for more and thank you in advance for leaving a comment or even a question below this post that I can answer for you :p

20 Interesting Things That I Might Not Have Told You About Me

Snap taken in 2016 by one of my guests in the Masai Mara, Kenya

1. I worked as an adventure tour guide in Africa for 3 years.

This was a difficult job and by no means a holiday. It was often stressful crossing borders etc and managing group dynamics. But it was also a rewarding role and a privilege to spend so much time in Africa. I was in charge of leading 25+ people across 12 different countries and this time was spent talking, eating and camping together, while enjoying countless once-in-a-lifetime experiences in between. I also have plans to return to Africa in the near future and invite my followers to join a similar type of tour in which we will climb Kiimanjaro and go wild camping in the Serengeti.

What did I learn from this experience? It was part of my job to listen and make an effort to help whenever possible. This brought forward an invaluable lesson because I was then forced to pay more attention to the feelings and welfare of other people. I believe that by prioritising other peoples issues etc, I was able to see the self-centred nature of my own self and then start creating a healthier set of traits and values to embody.

2. There was a “Secret Reason” for Walking Around Ireland

A couple of years ago, I spent five months walking around Ireland . While I take these kind of trips because I enjoy them, there was another very specific reason behind this walk which I did not talk about. Just a handful of people know about this reason. I actually returned home after ten years travelling/abroad to see “If I could be happy in Ireland”. Ever since my parents died in 2006/2008, I had associated home/Ireland with much of the pain and sadness that followed those years. I was deeply troubled at the time and suffering from something called toxic shame. In short, this meant I believed that I was a bad person and did not deserve to be happy – The Irish Times even wrote an article about this side of my story.

Anyway, you might remember, I initially set out to walk from Dublin to the Great Blasket Island? I picked the Great Blasket Island because this was the last time I could recall feeling happy in Ireland. It was back in 2006, I was on a holiday in Kerry and without the problems that would follow.

What did I learn from this experience? You might also remember it was only then I decided to continue the tip and “walk around Ireland”? This was because I made peace with the past on my return the Great Blasket island. It was a specific moment on the very western tip of the island (and Europe); I thought about my parents, while sobbing an immense sigh of relief and I said aloud “I can be happy here”. The photo above is from that exact moment.

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David craig March 26, 2021 - 12:18 am

I’m glad to hear your happy in Ireland now man its crazy what the mind makes you think
Welcome home


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