Who Am I?

by Derek Cullen

I’m an Irish adventurer and make videos about outdoor-related topics. I also take long walks from time to time and make videos about these journeys, while sharing the story behind my search for a life more adventurous. Let me give you a quick snapshot of this story and my adventures and my path to working as an adventurer in Ireland.

Quick Overview of My Story

After some years of working for an investment bank, I dropped everything to ride a bicycle through Africa. I had no previous cycling experience and prepared for this trip by reading one or two blogs by people who did something similar in Europe.I was terribly unfit at the time and riddled with anxiety. This was largely due to alcohol abuse, poor decision-making and my general lack of accountability. In other words, I was forever feeling sorry for myself and blaming everyone/everything else for whatever was going wrong in my life. There was also a lot of personal trauma – the result of my parents passing away within two years of each other in 2006/2008. But one morning, when I was feeling especially disillusioned, I had an epiphany which prompted me to ask some difficult questions and embark on a big journey.

My Long Distance Adventures

After riding a bicycle from Cape to Cairo, I hiked a number of long distance trails before walking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Two years later, I walked the Camino France and spent another six months walking around Ireland. At the time of writing this post, I am getting ready to walk another long distance trail called the Ireland Way.

My Work Experience and How I Fund My Adventures

During this time, I also led adventure tours across twelve countries in Africa for more than 3 years. This involved taking groups on safari in Serengeti National Park and camping in various wildlife areas. We also climbed many peaks including Mt Suswa, Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kahinga in the rainforests’ of Rwanda. I am now a “working adventurer” and 95% of my trips are self-funded. I also established my own outdoor clothing line and adventure tour company and disclose a lot more about what I do in on this website including things like Why I cycled Africa or How I make Money as Adventurer.

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