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Is this the End? Nah.

by Derek Cullen

I’d like to share some of my thoughts in response to something I heard recently.

In dark, precarious and uncertain times, it can help to veer on the side of optimism. Not just because it brings hope at a time when one man or woman’s inhumanity to another is on the rise but because an inner brightness can help light the way in darker times and an inner brightness can grow and spread until it eventually shows up in the external world.

I should say this is not a suggestion but rather a truth. That is to say, it’s most probable and historically accurate to suggest that all dark times come to an end. For instance, our ancestors endured some incredibly dark periods which include the times of Penal Laws and then the Great Famine – the greatest natural disaster of the entire century. People not only endured these times but survived what might have been “the end” and it was often their hope and faith and resolve that saw them through. I suppose the moral of this story is that all darkness is eventually consumed by the light.

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