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Why I’m Using this Camping Mattress on the Ireland Way

by Derek Cullen

You might remember (or not) that I used a similar camping mattress on the Pacific Crest Trail a few years ago. It’s a very light sleeping pad that you can fold up quickly and strap to the back/top of your backpack. I also like how this sleeping pad is box-shaped because unlike foam roll-mats, this sleeping pad doesn’t unravel when I take it out. While it might not offer the same level of comfort as an inflatable sleeping pad, I’m willing to make this sacrifice for the following reasons:

What I Like About Closed Cell Mattresses

  • The closed cell build means the mattress can retain heat really well.
  • One side (underneath) is coated with aluminium for added insulation.
  • It’s really quick to folk and attach to my backpack (see below).
  • The sleeping pad is extremely light and takes up no space inside my bag.
  • It doubles as a sit pad and for something to lie on during my breaks.
  • It doesn’t unravel any time I take it out.

Why I think you might like this sleeping pad:

  • For some of the same reasons I do (see above) above.
  • This type of sleeping pad does not need to be inflated/deflated.
  • They are super cheap to buy.
  • Reasonable level of comfort (More than standard foam-based roll-mats)

Who Buys it: Scouts, wild campers, hikers

And here’s a lineup of other camp mattresses if you’d prefer to stick with a self-inflatable mattress.

Check out my Vango ThermaTrek on OAS.ie but make sure to use my discount code DEREK15 for 15% off!

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

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