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How to Visit the Caves of Keash in Sligo

by Derek Cullen
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Asking yourself how to get to the Caves of Keash in Sligo?

The Caves of Keash are located on the side of Keshcorran Hill near the very small village of Keash. It’s easy to reach the foot of this hill and there is plenty of parking down near the Keash Church Park just a couple of kilometres away.

Many mythological stories have been told about this area and it was the birthplace of a legendary king of Ireland – Cormac Mac Art. But the remains of bears and wolves have also been found inside and glacial boulder beds indicate these caves were submerged in ice at one point in time. For a better idea of what you can expect, make sure to watch my short video above about my recent hike to the Caves of Keash.

Now, back to the directions…

There is also a yet-to-be-opened small parking area right at the trail head for the Caves of Keash but it’s rather small which means the church car park is probably the best place to park. This means you simply park at the church for free and walk along a quiet country lane for ten minutes. You should then see the caves up above on your right-hand-side and after coming to a small junction, stay to the right and proceed past a house to the clearly marked trail head.

X marks the church car park, O marks the trail head and the small arrow marks the caves.

The trail itself is short and mostly on gravel path. However, the 88 metre ascent is steep and takes approximately 20 minutes to walk. At the actual caves, the terrain is tricky to navigate, especially in wet conditions, and you need to take care inside the actual caves. All-in, it takes approximately 1-2 hours to visit the Caves of Keash in Sligo.

What to Wear: It’s a short climb but hiking shoes and rain-gear might come in handy.

Where to eat etc: The Fox’s Den pub is not far from the trail head but there is little more in this area in terms of food or shops so I suggest taking a packed lunch and plenty of water.

Would you like to add anything or share your experience of visiting the caves of Keash?

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