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My Long Distance Adventures

by Derek Cullen

I’ve many long distance adventures over the past ten years.

Here’s a quick look at some of the longest of these journeys:

Riding a Bicycle from Cape Town to Cairo (2014)

I had no real experience with either cycling or camping prior to this trip. I began in the city of Cape Town and followed (loosely) the old Cape to Cairo explorer route through ten countries. It took almost one year to complete the journey (12,000km) and at the pyramids in Cairo, I was already eyeing up the next adventure.


Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (2018)

I hiked a trail in preparation for the “PCT” in 2016 and decided to to cancel the journey. Hiking long distances was just so much harder/demanding than I first imagined and it was another year before I turned my sights back to the Pacific Crest Trail. It took five months (and everything I had) to hike 4,500km from Mexico to Canada.


Walking Around Ireland (2019)

I spent more than five months walking around Ireland (3,000km+) with my backpack and tent. This was probably my most enjoyable journey and a delightful discovery to be finding the same sense of excitement at home as I was finding on my adventures around the world. 


Walking the Camino de Santiago (2019)

I walked the Camino Frances (750km) on two separate occasions. It was very different (and more organised) to my previous adventures but often more enjoyable! I really enjoyed the interaction with other walkers and the fact that you don’t need to think of very much each day – aside from where to get the next cup of coffee!

Walking the Ireland Way (2021)

I hiked the Ireland Way (1,000km) which is a long distance path that runs from the top to bottom of Ireland. Although there were some great moments to remember, this hike was admittedly the only long distance journey which I did not enjoy – granted some of this was due to personal and mental health-related issues. 

2022 - I have recently made plans for some really big adventures over the next 12-18 months

Curious to know about these plans? I will be making this announcement on my Ko-Fi support page in the coming weeks!