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Why I Buy my Hiking and Camping Gear at OAS.ie

by Derek Cullen

I recently took on the job of writing blogs for the best value outdoor store in Ireland – OAS.ie (Outdoor Adventure Store). It’s not a full-time job but it’s a bit of much-needed income and aligned with my work as an adventurer. Just to be clear, I’m not sponsored by the store (yet :p) and writing this post to be open/forthcoming about everything I do.

Why I Wanted to Work with OAS.ie in the First Place

I was eager to work with OAS because they have always been my go-to for outdoor gear. Most of my tents and camping equipment was bought here and they always have the most reasonably priced items that I will actually use. OAS have an exclusive arrangement with Vango (one of my favourite camping brands) and their online service is genuinely top notch. Also, OAS is the official supplier for the scouts in Ireland and I think is really important because more than ever, young people need to be encouraged to take interest in hiking, camping, getting outdoors and taking part in social activities..

Now, I know you might be thinking: Of course I would say all this – OAS give me free stuff! Actually, I do receive the odd piece of gear for free but I give most of this away to my social media followers and I don’t really need anything else because I’d already bought 90%+ of what I need before our working arrangement. And finally…

I support OAS.ie because it’s an Irish business with good people behind it. When a brand like this reaches out to support someone like me, they are helping me encourage more people to get outdoors. The last thing I should say is that you can even use my discount code DEREK15 to get 15% off with OAS.ie – I don’t receive anything for this but I do take pleasure in knowing that I can at least give something back to the amazing following that helped get me to where I am today.

All the best and please do tell them I sent you :p


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