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My Sleep System for Walking the Ireland Way

by Derek Cullen

I’ve been breaking down my packing list for the Ireland Way this week. In this post, I will outline the exact sleeping bag, roll-mat (mattress) and sleeping bag liner that I will be using on this long distance walk. It’s my first time to use two of these items so please note this is not a recommendation but rather another answer for my frequently asked questions:

My Sleeping Bag for the Ireland Way

Vango Cobra 400

The Vango Cobra 400 is a 700-fill Goose Down sleeping bag with an unusual box-shaped design that gives it some extra loft. I like the shape around the head area, while the nylon shell feels durable and water-resistant. It’s also very light and packs down really small which were more than enough reasons to use this sleeping bag for the Ireland Way.

My Sleep Liner for the Ireland Way

A sleeping bag liner is great for added insulation and can keep the inside of the actual sleeping bag clean. It’s much easier to wash a small sleep liner as opposed to a sleeping bag. And I’m a “cold sleeper” which means there might be nights on which my sleeping bag is not enough and I’ll be happy to have this small item in my backpack.

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My Closed Cell Sleeping Mat

I used something similar to this model by Vango on previous hikes. They don’t offer the same level of comfort as an inflatable mattress but that’s something I’m okay with. The Vango Thermatrek is ultra-light and can be attached easily to the outside of any backpack. I also appreciate how quick and easy they are to setup and they are also really cheap to buy!

For more info, feel free to check out why I’m using the Vango Thermatrek on the Ireland Way.

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One Last Thing – My Small Camping Pillow

I’m also using this small camping pillow by Gelert. It’s my first time to carry a pillow so I’ll let you know how it goes!

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