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by Derek Cullen

Would You Like to Support What I Do?

Thank you so much to all the kind folk who have kindly shown their support for my videos etc. There are two options:

While I want to share my stories etc because I love the process, I also need to apply this time/effort in a way that helps me pay some bills, while not frustrating or irritating my followers. For this reason, I would like to invite you to help support what I do with either a monthly donation or a once-off coffee…

  • “I too would like to buy a once-off coffee…”

  • I also have an account on Ko-fi for those who cannot afford the monthly support. This is a once-off payment of just €3 and the process is super quick and easy. Once again, I don’t have anything more to offer in return for this donation except my sincere gratitude and thanks for your support!
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  • Buy me a Coffee