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What Hiking Socks do I Recommend?

by Derek Cullen

I’ve gone through a lot of different brands of hiking socks over the years. Starting out, I didn’t pay much attention to socks and often hit the trail with a standard pair of sports socks. However, over long distances, it’s more and more obvious that a decent pair of hiking socks can make for a more comfortable walk, while reducing the risk of blisters.

Two years ago, I wore two different pairs of 1000 Mile socks on my walk around Ireland. They were light and breathable and notably comfortable. I didn’t have any issues with blisters but then I also had the right hiking shoes at the time.

If I was to recommend a type of hiking sock, I would have to say either 1000 Mile or Darn Tough socks. The latter is an American-based manufacturer that produces incredibly good merino wool hiking socks. They are the most popular hiking socks in America (to my own knowledge) and I wore them for 6 months during my hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.

You can pick up a pair of thin to medium cushion socks by Darn Tough here.

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