About Derek

I'm an adventurer from Ireland and make outdoor documentaries on YouTube about empowering stories and people. I also write articles for outdoor brands and give online talks to companies when the time allows. The talks are more to do with mental health and the rather sad/unusual story (link below) behind my adventures.

Here's a little bio:

Derek Cullen is an Adventurer from Ireland. He is best known for taking long distance adventures such as cycling across Africa, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and Walking Around Ireland. In recent years, Derek has featured in various publications including the Irish Times, Today FM, Africa Geographic, BBC. the Today Show on RTÉ.


Latest Documentary

I was deeply moved by Jon Krakauer's book when I first read it more than ten years ago and it certainly contributed to my own lust for adventure. Join me as I tell the REAL and tragic Story behind Chris McCandless from the movie "Into the Wild.